Privacy policy



The following statement applies solely to Pit Lane 9 and regulates the information collected about its customers and respective purchases. Pit Lane 9 reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on the website.

When making purchases on the website of, the customer is agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Pit Lane 9 guarantee the respect for the privacy of users. The website provides, in general terms, the possibility of a free navigation and not subject to prior collection of personal information. Only the pages devoted to electronic services, such as online ordering and newsletter subscription, require the provision of personal information as a condition of providing the services requested by the customer or the interested one.


Data Protection:

The “Pit Lane 9" provides its users the privacy and security of data provided, and only ordered and collected the data necessary for the provision of the service. If desired, the holder of the data has the right to the access, correction or removal of the delivered data.



Personal Data Collection

The website can be visited without having to reveal any personal information.

There are, however, areas of the website where it is necessary for users to provide his personal data in order to take advantage of the available services.

The user can choose to register and provide personal data such as name, address, phone, email, etc., that may be required to subscribe to alerts and newsletter.

The user identification data collection will be made by completing an online registration form and will occur in accordance with the strictest safety regulations.

The collected data are entered into the computer system which processes them, which will be automatically processed as approved by the National Data Protection Commission (DPA).

The Pit Lane 9 guarantees the possibility to registered user to, under Law No 67/98 of 26 October, access his personal data via his personal area and proceed with the update and correction, via the "Personal Data ".


User Registration and Reserved Area

The user registration allows access to various services, such as the subscription to news alerts and events published on the website, subscription to newsletters and management of subscriptions in the area reserved for users ("my account").The subscription request requires the introduction of a password and an email address, to which a link is sent that will validate and confirm the registration done. This password grants the user access to the management of services in the website reserved area (called "my account").



The reserved area is protected by a password (password), which is indicated by the user at the time of the registration. For security reasons, the password should have more than six characters.

Recommendation: A good password should include letters, numbers and special characters and should not be a common word or easily detectable.

The Password is not transferable; the use of the password is the sole user’s responsibility.


Security and Information Quality

The Pit Lane 9 aims to ensure the quality and integrity of information provided by the website users, thus we implemented the necessary measures, both technological and organizational, to keep information secure, accurate, current and complete.

In the area of the website where the users' personal data are collected, the transmission is encrypted using SSL 3.0 (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with 128-bit encryption keys.

Using this technology, the data found on the website and the data sent by the user to the website is encrypted using a 128-bit key, which is currently the safest form of encryption supported by the current Internet browsers.


Personal information sharing

The personal information collected is used solely by the website for the stated purpose.


Links and cookies

The website contains links to other sites. The Pit Lane 9 is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites.

This website does use cookies (small software labels that are stored on your computer through the browser , retaining only information related to your preferences, including not, as such, your personal data) in order to improve the user experience. It uses them in its dynamic services, in order to simplify the completion of forms associated with them, and in the other pages of the site in order to gather data on the interaction and general activity of the users towards this site. This collection process is conducted in accordance with the procedures and standard safety practices in this type of tools, to ensure proper encryption of data between the site access channels and the respective server. The information obtained in this way does not establish any relationship to the level of the IP address of users in order to verify personal data.


Anonymous statistics with e-tracker

This website uses e-tracker technology ( to collect behavioral data of users. The data is collected anonymously for marketing and optimization. All data of the visitors are saved using an anonymous user ID to create a usage profile. The use of cookies is possible to store the data which remains strictly anonymous.


Google Analytics statistics

This website uses Google Analytics technology ( to collect user behavior data.


Payment Security

The Pit Lane 9 take all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of information collected from our users and guarantees that all entered payment data are automatically encrypted by SSL-Secure Sockets Layer technology used by the world's largest e-commerce stores, to ensure a complete security in the payments made. In order to verify that the information is being transmitted securely a padlock item becomes visible on the bottom right of the screen (when Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator program are being used) indicating that the communication is safe whenever the lock is closed.

The users' data provided to make payments, especially those relating to credit cards, are never stored by Pit Lane 9, being used only during the processing of each transaction, which is made using appropriate technology to ensure total security. Thus, the users' data are not exposed to any intrusion attempts to collect confidential data stored in databases.